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We offer fully integrated and automated solutions for industrial microbiology management.

Automated Microbiology Management

We provide you with an automated "live monitoring" system on a rental basis for your microbiology management over your entire manufacturing process. In addition to the real-time monitoring of the microbial load, our integrated system also includes the calculation of the dosage using developed algorithms and intelligent data evaluation systems as well as suitable dosing systems by means of which the downstream dosing can be carried out in real time.

Development projects Microbiology Management

You do not want to fully automate your process and still use the advantages of our control algorithm in combination with intelligent data evaluation to optimize your processes.

We are happy to support you by conducting development projects with different tasks such as conversion or optimization work of biocides as well as specific assignments in the field of automation in microbial environments. You are also welcome to use single elements of our c-square technology for a limited time. Just feel free to talk to us.


Pulp & Paper

c-square bioscience technology enables the continuous monitoring of the microbial load of bacteria, fungi and yeasts and dynamically adjusts the dosage of appropriate biocides in the white water. This reduces the formation of biofilms and ensures a trouble-free production process. Depending on the installation density, the ongoing testing of raw materials such as slurries and coating colors is also possible. By dynamically adapting the respective dosing strategy, a significant reduction in biocides is achieved.

Metal working fluids

c-square bioscience technology enables the continuous automated monitoring of the microbial load of bacteria, fungi and yeasts and dynamically adjusts the dosage of suitable biocides. Our automated monitoring and dosing system is particularly suitable for central cooling circuits. This keeps the infection level low and extends the interval between changing and adding cooling lubricants. The result of our overall solution is a reduction in the quantity of biocides with a simultaneous increase in quality

Paints & Coatings

c-square technology is also suitable for discontinuous production processes. For this purpose, we offer modular solutions that are suitable for ongoing monitoring of the microbial contamination situation throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our c-square technology is ideally applied in the receipt of raw materials, the automated monitoring of the storage tanks of e.g. polymer emulsions and in the outgoing goods inspection. We also support producers of biocide-free or low-biocide coatings who have to monitor the microbial load situation very precisely. Information about a possible risk of infection is available within minutes which strongly supports the QM system. The risk of complaints can be reduced drastically.


c-square technology enables cosmetics manufacturers to fully document the microbial contamination throughout the entire manufacturing process. We offer modular solutions that enables very precise microbiology monitoring, especially due to the selection of renewable raw materials. This guarantees the ongoing optimization of GMP-elements.

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